Troilus und Cressida | Foto: Pedro Malinowski


The tradition of our four year Acting Programme is to divide the year into small groups which work on scene studies with as many different teachers as possible. This well tested method of ‘scene studies’, with a final performance and evaluation, derives from the Max Reinhardt period. The acting students work not only with the school’s permanent teaching staff, but also with actors, directors and dramaturges from the profession. In this way, we ensure that the students are well prepared for the contemporary theatre practice which awaits them.
The Foundation Course is characterised by continuity and systematic; the central element of the training is built around a series of projects. The teaching is based on the ideas which have established the best traditions of German Language theatre as well as the most important impulses from a wide ranging international theatre scene. Our lessons have a particular focus on the insights and conclusions of Constantine Stanislavski and Bertold Brecht, and we use their methodological approaches with subtle differentiation and diversity. Our aim is that in each lesson, the acting student learns about himself, the role and the work within an ensemble.
The scene studies, projects and studio productions which are produced during the academic year are performed on the ›Wolfgang Heinz‹ Stage in the Schnellerstrasse and the ›bat-Theatre‹ in the Belforterstrasse. Our public studio performances provide evidence both of our sound training and the creative power of ensemble-acting. Alongside this, our students work on projects at various professional theatres.

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