Workshop bei Lisa Nelson | Foto: David Berg


The Faculty of Dance is made up of the departments of Choreography and Professional Dance.
The newly created two year MA course in Choreography, which was created in the winter term of 2008 / 2009, is a pilot course of Tanzplan Berlin HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz) – a centre connecting several colleges. This centre for contemporary dance education is a pilot project which has been agreed by the University of Art, Berlin and the Ernst Busch Academy alongside the network TanzRaumBerlin with the aim of combining education with professional practice. The project is supported by the City of Berlin and Tanzplan Germany, an initiative of the Arts Council of Germany.
Today’s landscape of contemporary choreography is highly diverse. The course aims to educate artists who are capable of creating their own individual style within this broad field. The emphasis is not only on creating artistic projects at a professional level but also on developing the ability to take part in intellectual discussion and forming an individual standpoint. In this way, the course equally encourages the choreographer’s craft as well his aesthetic reflection and creative competence. The MA combines the analysis of contemporary and historic approaches and the working methods of selected artists, putting an emphasis on individual choreography projects. In this way the student learns to see the conceptual outline and the research into physicality and movement, as two essential starting points for the choreographer. In depth knowledge of the human body is taught as the basis for artistic research with a focus on somatic practices and methods.
A team of permanent staff offer regular workshops, seminars, lectures, exercises and tutorials, in which they impart their historical, practical and theoretical knowledge. Visiting lecturers from the national and international dance scene are regularly invited to offer an insight into their artistic approach and method. In the course of the programme, the student’s individual work, which is mentored and supported by the members of staff, becomes the increasing focus. Each semester, alongside the lectures the choreography projects form the core of the course. In these projects, the students can try out collaboration with other artists – dancers / performers / musicians; set and costume designers or light designers. The choreography projects are presented in the studio theatre of the Academy, in other performance spaces in Berlin as well as in other cities. The graduation project of the course consists of the Masters project, which is a full length performance.
This MA course promotes exchange with choreography students at other colleges both at home and abroad in order to encourage the development of an Arts Network for the students.
The three year course of Professional Dance works in collaboration with the State Ballet School. The school offers its’ pupils / students a professional education in Dance up to the qualification of a BA in Dance as well as schooling up to level of ›Abitur‹.
This is a unique educational possibility in which the students of Professional Dance are at the same time senior pupils at the State Ballet School. The students graduate with a double qualification: ›Abitur‹ and a BA. The programme of the BA in Dance is taught by the staff of the State Ballet School Berlin and the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art.

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