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Information for Erasmus+ Incoming Students

If you are interested in spending an Erasmus-semester at the “Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts“ as an international student, please contact your home university's Erasmus coordinator in order to find out whether your university has a valid exchange-agreement with our university for the degree program you are enrolled in. Please also make sure to gather all necessary information on the application process and on the required documents.

Provided a valid exchange-agreement exists, please hand in your application at your home university and wait for the selection committee's decision.

Applicants who are nominated by their home university for an exchange semester at the „Ernst Busch Academy“, will be contacted by our Erasmus coordinator and may be asked to submit further documents in addition to those they have already handed in.

The deadlines for international students at the “Ernst Busch Academy” are:

- December 15th (for the following summer term) and

- June 15th (for the following winter term)

[Please note, however, that your home university's own deadlines might be significantly earlier!]

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